CLOUD is the next big thing, Is It ?

By James Mall, CEO James Enterprisetech

Why  you should Cloud?

OR SHOULD YOU CLOUD? This is undoubtly the "AGE OF  INFORMATION" where  everything you need is delivered with lightning speeds[ Not talking about the Apple lightning ports though] and  the major thing these days is data we trench into our smart devices, CLOUD is holding the key to the future, Let us see why.

1. Mobile devices are faster and smarter  than ever, the Internet too has picked up the pace. Now with 4G LTE in play we are talking average speeds over 20Mbps, the processing power have grown exponentially from few hundred Mega Hertz to Giga Hertz in just half a decade, the next couple of decades could be a " Todays tech dream about tomorrow ".

2. Cross Platform The more work people do the more the cross platfrom integration we need,[ Assuming them working on cross platfrom ], All the data that has to be moved in between platforms should be coming from a MEDIUM which is plaform independent or say PLATFORM NEUTRAL, all this can be achieved by CLOUD which is Platform neutral and all the data can be moved with utmost ease.

Now coming to the "IS CLOUD THE NEXT BIG THING,"  We have to accept that CLOUD surely has the great potential to lead the next TECH evolution but  

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Cloud and Iot are made for each other.