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CLOUD is the next big thing, Is It ?

By James Mall, CEO James Enterprisetech

Why  you should Cloud?

OR SHOULD YOU CLOUD? This is undoubtly the "AGE OF  INFORMATION" where  everything you need is delivered with lightning speeds[ Not talking about the Apple lightning ports though] and  the major thing these days is data we trench into our smart devices, CLOUD is holding the key to the future, You may ask why? Let me explain in you detail.

Why Cloud and iOT are "Made for Each Other."

By James Mall, CEO James Enterprisetech
Once there were Romeo and Juliet the most known couple and most romantic, but sadly it did not end up good for them, In my view the next best couple will be Cloud and IoT, but for us it will end up being the most effective collabaration between the two most disruptive technologies we have ever seen.